Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting the swing, tilt and shift of things

Ok, I admit, these are hardly the most exciting action photos you'll ever see, but I think they capture the spirit of VCL's training sessions at Herne Hill Velodrome quite nicely. There are serious racers, there are kids and there are total newbies keen to give it a try. Everyone gets on, everyone has a good time and everyone gets a useful experience. It's a great atmosphere at a great venue - a sea of tranquility in the middle of suburbia, and only three or four miles from central London - incredible. Long may it continue!
I'm warming to the Lensbaby. At first I thought it was a BIG mistake, but with better light, it's pretty good. Bit more practise, and I think it will be a useful tool in the bag. More photos on Flickr


P.P. de Meijer said...

I sold it the first day I got it. You're getting some decent results out of it though!

Andy Waterman said...

Really? Wow. I have the 3G one that you can lock in place, seems ok... I plan to do some timelapse stuff with it, so I think (hope!) focus isn't quite so critical. We will see when my new shutter release shows up.