Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mad Props!

So I've just discovered that my Houfalize vid has suddenly been discovered by the internet at large. Sweet! There are some really nice comments over at Embrocation Magazine, Molly Cameron's on the case too at, Independent Fabrication's German Ditributor has been super positive on his blog at and I'm also getting linked to from And this is all on top of the huge number of hits the video got via My dreams of internet superstardom are slowly coming true! For those who've forgotten, this is the vid

Houffalize World Cup 2009 from Mountain Bike Rider on Vimeo.

All this positive energy is making me think I should invest in a proper camcorder. I'm thinking Sanyo FH1. If you've got any feedback on what budget camcorder for filming cross and mtb, PLEASE let me know. I really hate it when I waste money on junk, don't let me make that mistake! I want good colours, and a high frame rate for slow motion. Whaddaya reckon?


Duncan A said...

Hey, Glad I could be of assistance! Keep up the good work.

Whatever you buy, make sure you:

A. Film plenty of cross
B. Let me know as soon as you post it

Keep checking the embrocation mag site, you may see some familiar illustrations appearing.



sohasm67 said...

Excellent video Andy. Looking forward to more 'cross vids. BTW: Who is credited with the music to the Houffalize vid? Great song.