Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brockwell Park BMX track — under construction

This is the new track at Brockwell Park. Looks pretty good to me — but what would I know eh? Still a fair way off, I think it's all being done by volunteers at the weekends, so fair enough really.

Apologies for the crap video skills. I don't know what I'm doing

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday shining

I woke up at 6.45 this morning. That's early for a Sunday isn't it? It's weird, I wake up earlier at the weekends than on workdays.
Mark and I had planned to go to Peaslake all week and I lent him the Orange 5 from work on the grounds that he'd model in some shots. This is probably the best.
Location — the steep drop from the top of Pitch Hill. We didn't see any other riders go down in the hour or so it took to set up and shoot 1,000,000 frames. What's wrong with people? This is one of the best descents out there!

Friday, May 18, 2007

One that got away

I've got a bunch of pictures in this week's Cycling Weekly, (and yes, that is me on the cover, much to derision of veloriders — LOL!) and I thought they'd use this one for the best in test shot in the Sportive Bike Test. They didn't, so I'll show it off here. More of the same as seen below really, just a bit better.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

MBR Scotland roadtrip

It's quarter to two in the morning and I'm up doing this. What a loser... We just drove back from Fort William and I'm exhausted, but I need to chill out for a bit before I'll be able to sleep, so this is cathartic in a geeky sort of way.
Scotland was amazing; the whole place is of a scale I never imagined it would be. The size of the hills, the friendliness of the people, the crapness of the weather and the quality of the trails all blew me away. It was proper wilderness biking at its best. Pictures here are from the Isle of Skye and Auchindrain, both shot with a camera phone. Geoff's (waughphotos.com) should be pretty stunning in comparison — they'll probably be in the mag for months to come.
I'm too knackered for this, I'm off to bed

Thursday, May 03, 2007


In the last four days I've done three races, and surprisingly enough, I feel better for it. The first one went ok, a 110km hack around the Cutmill circuit in Surrey and I ended up 14th, not that the judges spotted me — they placed two riders who didn't finish in the top 10! On Tuesday evening I road Crystal Palace where I suffered like I've never suffered before just to finish. I spent the whole race wishing I was still a third cat and could race the slower race. Not that that's actually any slower, just the attacks are easier to follow. I'm looking pretty desperate in this picture from londoncyclesport.
Last night I raced at Eelmoor and came 7th. I attacked 10miles from the finish (there were already two riders up the road) and road 2miles by myself before being joined by Wozza and three other guys. Our tactics were crap and we came last out of our break, but still, it's points in an E/1/2 so I can't complain. Let's hope there more where that came from!