Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 30

Finally, I scored a top 30 result in a National Trophy cross race - my first point-scoring result of the season so far.
I didn't feel particularly good but I was at least able to ride all the technical bits on the course. That made a big difference and meant I was able to beat Andrew Nichols - a guy I was pretty competitive with this time last year - for the first time this season. That made me happy.
Now for a few weeks of relative calm before Nationals and then the World Masters Chmaps in the USA.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Spectra Show, London Newcastle Gallery

Jen Stark, Counter Cosmo
Jen Stark, Counter Cosmo
My mate Ed at the The Future Tense has curated a really fantastic show at the London Newcastle Project Space on Rivington Street in East London. He's brought together a group of artists whose bold use of colour is a perfect antidote to a wet December evening in grimy Shoreditch, and presented their work in a huge, but strangely inviting space, with seriously impacting lighting.
The show runs until 18 December and is highly recommended.
Lee Baker, Refractive Monolith
Lee Baker, Refractive Monolith
Chuck Elliot, Radial / One
Chuck Elliott, Radial / One