Monday, January 30, 2006

Stockwell Skatepark

It was so cold when we went to Brixton to shoot these photos I litterally couldn't feel my hands. I could only get one flash to fire too becasue I think the apacitor in my Metz needs re-formatting or something... I don't know. Anyway, these are the best off camera flash shots I've done so far, so I'm quite pleased.

Hit the north

It was Laura's birthday the weekend before last so we headed up to Leeds so she could see her brother in York. Saturday was cool - we looked round town, met up with some old Uni mates and went out for a meal and drinks that night.
On Sunday I met up with my mate Mike and we went riding up near Pateley Bridge. I'm shooting a feature in France in March so I got some practise in taking trail riding pics. I'm not sure I'm that happy with them but I know what to look out for next time.
Sunday afternoon turned into a total nightmare when my bike got nicked out the back of my office car. £2.5k just disappeared... Fortunately they didn't get my camera gear and the bike was insured but it was stressful at the time.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Granny's Attic

Laura's friend Celia has a jewellery company called Granny's Attic and over the summer she asked me to take some pics of her stuff at her stall on Brick Lane. She's had a bit of coverage in some fashion mags and it's all good stuff. Here are the pics

Friday, January 06, 2006

Pics from Chicksands

So this is my blog where I'm going to put some pics up as and when. Here's a couple I got back from December when me and Danny from work went up to Chicksands. The weather was amazing - bright blue skies all day, and once you got moving, it wasn't even really cold.

My shitty ebay slaves had died so I only had one flash to play with but I think the results are alright. Here's what I got...