Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The good stuff

I just re-watched the Pure Sweet Hell trailer for the millionth time over at www.race.cx. If ever there was a video that instantly got me motivated to ride, this is it - and I've never even seen the full thing.
Momentum is gathering, anticipation is building, autumn is coming.

Then I rewatched the Superprestige from Hamme-Zogge. Ugly name and ugly conditions. I love this video though. Pity the riders, but pity the spectators and the cameramen more. It looks like hell.

I've been talking to Geoff Waugh about going to the Koppenberg Cross this year. It looks great - cobbles, mud, two bike changes per lap, riders vigorously shaking their hands to dry their gloves out. It all adds up to a classic. Nathan Spear is hosting footage of the full race - ideal for keeping you going through a hard turbo session.

For more vids, go check out www.crosstube.net

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