Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lincoln Grand Prix — Condor Video

I shot this for Condor at the weekend. I need to buy a proper microphone... Lesson learned.


Jez said...

Beautifully shot and crafted. Cool music and a really nice photgraphic quality.Intersted to know... how many cameras did you use?

Andy Waterman said...

I've only got one HDSLR camera, so that was it! (canon 7d btw)

Jez said...

Wow. One was enough - you nailed it.

Alex Murray said...

Go for something like this sennheiser:

The problem you're always going to have though with sound is that if it's a camera-mounted mic you're always going to have to cope with distance from subject. Usually the senns aren't too bad at picking up anything in a straight line in front of them.

Also get a rycote softie to kill wind noise.

Possible solutions: get someone to do sound for GVs and group shots with a sync clap and resync in post. Use lavalier clip mics on radio packs for interview sections with single subject.