Monday, November 15, 2010

Mallory Park National Trophy

National Trophy Cyclocross, Mallory Park
Mallory Park has an unenviable reputation as a venue that eats bikes, riders, and the enthusiasm of all who step over the threshold. I'm glad to say that I, my bikes and most of my enthusiasm for cyclocross are still intact, despite a completely mediocre result.
I ended up coming 28th yesterday, which on paper is my second best result at a National race, but I still feel a bit disappointed. I never really got going in the race — a lack of traction and enthusiasm being the main culprits. The Vittoria XM tubs I'm using have no central ridge to them, unlike the hallowed Dugast Rhinos I borrowed from Kevin to use in Ipswich, so I was finding that I had very little cornering grip on the greasy, flat grass corners and cambered straights that made up much of the Mallory course. That lack of confidence meant there were only a few places on the course where I was able to really push on the pedals without fear of crashing. Excuses excuses...
Next round is Southampton in two weeks time. I'm hoping for a return to the top 25.
Photos are all by Dave Haygarth, who came fifth in the vets. Loads more on his Flickr
National Trophy Cyclocross, Mallory Park
National Trophy Cyclocross, Mallory Park


Dave Haygarth said...

I don't think it was that mediocre really - you have good courses and bad courses and it was an incredibly tyre-centric course. You rode a good steady race at the top level - so your enthusiasm has every right to be intact - try not to get hung up on finishing positions - they're important if you're in the top ten, but less so lower down - where knowing you rode well is more of a result in itself.

Which numpty missed your front off that bottom photo?!!

Andy Waterman said...

The more I look at it, the more i like that photo. It is undoubtedly art

ThePixelMerch©nt said...

And such a different position compared to hopping an mtb!

CJ Boom said...

As cottydale said, your allowed one bad race aren't you?
Mallory Park is a death trap. Everyone knows Ipswich and AberGav were harder on the heart. NEXT ROUND PLEASE (sorry for shouting)