Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sven Nys is terug — Koppenberg 2010

I went to the Koppenberg Cross yesterday to shoot photos for Cycle Sport Magazine. Sven Nys won on a heavy heavy course. The mud was revolting — two bike changes per lap revolting. Still, what's bad for the racers is good for the photographers. The shots here are just a few of many, I'll let you know when the photo feature is due out.
Koppenberg CX 2010
One of the most interesting things about going to a cross in Belgium is the fans. There are thousands of them, and unlike in this country, where the only people who turn up to bike races are other bike racers, and occasionally their families, in Belgium they are just common or garden sports fans. There are a lot of characters too, out for the frites, and beer...
Belgian Cyclocross Fan
For now, check out the last lap, where Sven raced the hardest part of the course on a flat tyre. The descent off the cobbles was somewhere I shot and you can see how off camber and hard going it is in the clip. Definitely a day to be behind the lens!

Oh yeah, I neary got run over by Ian Field on the first lap when he got knocked almost into the ditch by Radomir Simunek Jr. Check the pic — there's some serious elbow action going on there.
Ian Field Vs Radomir Simunek

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