Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tour Series — Canary Wharf

CanaryWharfWEB1, originally uploaded by Andy Waterman.
These are a couple of pics from the Tour Series race  Canary Wharf last night. I shot some stuff for Cycling Weekly which will hopefully be appearing in next week's issue. Grab a copy if you want to see more!
It was a funny old race on a boring circuit, and I can't say it was that enjoyable to watch but I'll reserve judgment till I see it on TV.
What was interesting is just how much cycling has gained mainstream appeal, especially amongst monied City Boys. There were plenty out watching and my insiders at Evans Cycles tell me the store in Canary Wharf had one of its best days ever on Tour Series day. The bike biz is booming.
Top shot is lit with two flashes, one high rght, one low left. Bottom shot is 70-200 with a too low shutter speed.

CanaryWharfWEB2, originally uploaded by Andy Waterman.