Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Two weekends, two videos

One of the best things about the burgeoning US cyclocross scene is that the racers and the spectators are all mega tech savvy, and what that means is that after every race there are hundreds of photos and videos to look through. We Brits are still playing catch up in this respect - don't believe me, search Flickr for the word "cyclocross" on a Monday morning and all the most recent photos will be from the US.
With that background it came as a surprise to find videos of the last two races I've done on the web. This first one is by Geoff Waugh from the South-East Regional Champs (I DNF'd - had a cold and kept crashing painfully...) and the second one is by Mike Beasant from the mud race I did at Hog Hill last week. It's not got such high productuon values as Geoff's but it's still really good to see. Cheers Mike!

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