Tuesday, December 15, 2009

National Trophy Cyclocross Bradford

I had a bad day at the office. Crashed three times on the first lap, twice because I stupidly decided to put more air in my tyres before the start (beginner's error - I was getting panicky about the squirminess of 20psi in the Vittoria XM's) and once because I got squeezed into a tree. I ended up 51st or something. A day to forget.
Still, I'm now free till the week before the National Champs, so I've got lots of training and racing planned - hopefully by the time Jan 10th rolls around I'll have the sort of form I had back at Ipswich.

D32_3529, originally uploaded by britishcycling.org.uk photos.

This is what I missed out on up at the front of the race. You can see me getting lapped about 5mins in - that could almost have been real time unfortunately. Jody was smashing it, God knows how someone so small can create so much power and get so much traction to put that power down. I don't understand it. Well done to BC too for putting up video reports of the race, they're a bit dry but it's good to see them using the web in this way.


crossjunkie said...

Seeing as you had the foresight to crash into that bush in front of the entire Here Come the Belgians pit crew, we were gifted a rich vein of material with which to barrack you for the rest of the race. So not all was lost eh?

Andy Waterman said...

hahaha, no, that was unwise of me. Still don't really know how that happened...