Monday, November 02, 2009

Rollapaluza Muddy Hell Haloween cyclocross

What a great event! That was one of the best bike events I've ever been to. In fact, it was probably THE best bike event I've been to in the UK ever.
The event was held at Herne Hill velodrome and promoted by Rollapaluza who did a fantastic job providing a well lit course, cheap beer (although it ran out pretty early apparently) and good tunes to keep the crowd entertained.
Some of us dressed up in Haloween costumes (thus my silver gimp suit) but not enough - the events back on next year, lets have more people dressing up!
I had a nightmare when I punctured within about five pedal strokes of the gun firing. My back tyre went bang and I had to ride a whole lap on a flat tyre to get to the pits. Oh well.
The proof that it was a good event was that Laura and her sister Ellen came along and didn't hate it. Bike races that your girlfriend actually wants to come along to are the future - you heard it here first.
Ben Spurrier, Laura and me - we made the effort

This weekend was also the Inter Area cyclocross champs. Me, Ben and Gary Lingard travelled up to Leicester together in torrential rain. Can't say I was too motivated and I felt pretty knackered too - the excitement of the previous evening stopped me sleeping. 
We got there and were returned back to earth with a bang. After 1000 spectators at Herne Hill, it was back to one man and his dog in a windswept field. Oh, the glamour.
Ben did a very good ride and was first of our London B team. I sucked. In fact, I rode so badly I'm actually pretty happy that they haven't included me in the results. I guess I was down in 49th. Luckily, there's still no "I" in team.
On returning I checked out why I flatted on Saturday and I'm pretty sure I've written off a tub. What a waste of money, tub glue and time... I'm going to send it off to Pete Burgin at and see if he can revive it. Fingers crossed.


Red Bike said...

What a cracking race. Shame there's no more pictures!

Beyond Mountain Bikes said...

Gutted I couldn't make this as we had our Enduro (a.k.a. horrid mud fest) at Bordon on the Sunday and Saturday was spent working on the course. Just got back from the US where beer and biking are synonymous. There should be more events like this in the UK.

Love the gimp suit...I'll be there next year in fully halloween get up.