Sunday, November 08, 2009

World Cup - Nommay

Being a total cross-geek I like nothing more than getting home from a race on a Sunday to watch the final lap of the day's World Cup on Youtube. So far this season, the big races have been fairly predictable, but today's race in Nommay, France, was genuinely exciting. Going into the final lap there are two men together, the World Champ Niels Albert and the crowd's favourite (well, my favourite) Zdenek Stybar. And is that Sven Nys just behind them? Yes, it is.
Click on the vid below to watch what is a genuinely exciting battle for the win.

PS, Ian Field will probably be disappointed to have finished back in 32nd having had a couple of top 20's in the Super Prestige recently, but finishing just over 3mins down in the company is not bad at all. Keep it coming Fieldy!

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