Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From this... to this

Betteshanger Colliery, originally uploaded by frazerweb.
Betteshanger Colliery was still running in 1989 when the above photo was taken, but since then coal mining has ceased and nowadays the site is a country park. On Sunday we raced round 7 of the London League there. It was tough but good. Finally winter has come and bought with that finest of all cycling surfaces, mud.
I figured that becasue the surface there is all coal dust, file treads would be ideal. I was wrong. In the end I ran Grifos pumped up quite hard - about 30psi.
After some good battles I rolled across the line in fourth. Again. One of these days I WILL GET ON THE PODIUM!!!!

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Tony Fowkes said...

4th's podium in DH...