Monday, November 26, 2012

Contact Sheet Love

Last week I bought a new lens for the Bronica - a super-wide 40mm F4 - from Ffordes. It's gorgeous, and it only cost £250 - what can you get for a digital camera for that price? Pretty much nothing interesting - you're limited to a used 50mm f1.4.
I'm lucky enough to work for a publication where I can take a risk with my photography, so shooting film is still an option, and an option I'm always eager to take - it gives the mag a different look and feel and sets us apart from the rest of the market. Well, that's my excuse at least.
On Friday I headed down to Bristol to shoot some photos for a feature in Privateer 13. I decided to shoot black and white film, medium format, and for some of the shots I used two off camera flashes. There was a lot of experimentation going on and a lot of opportunity to fuck up, but having got the contact sheets back today, it appears everything worked ut just fine. Now it's just a case of scanning the negs - I cannot wait for these shots to appear in print. They look amazing. Privateer 13 will be available mid January, more info at


hamvas balint said...

How did you control the flashes? Proper portable strobes, like an Elinchrom Quadra or speedlights?

Andy Waterman said...

Just speedlights - I don't really see the point of big lights for what I do. If I want to put a flash right in the trail, that's not really a problem; it's not like a race where I need the flashes to be off course.
My problem has always been triggering with the MF - it doesn't have a hotshoe, so I've used velcro on top of the viewfinder so I can strap the trigger to that, and the trigger is connected to the camera via a PC cord. It's not difficult, I've just been too lazy to work it out in the past