Thursday, October 14, 2010

Condor Cycles, London - New Site, Timelapse Videos by me

My friends at Condor Cycles have just launched their new shop website, and it looks great. They've used a bunch of the photos that I shot for them last week, and there's also some new videos on there that I produced. The first video here was shot in the store to show how the bike fitting jig works. I shot it with my 7D and 30D using a Canon timelapse remote shutter release (which I subsequently lost on a trail in Utah, bugger) and wide aperture lenses. I then put all the shots together to play back at 8fps for this timelapse. I like the result, and thankfully, so do Condor (this is has even picked up a couple of staff picks on Vimeo — I'm happy with that).

Bike Fitting - Condor Cycles from Condor Cycles on Vimeo.
The second video is a re-edit of one I made last year about wheelbuilding. Condor build their own wheels so it seemed like a good fit. I love that I managed to get an Elliot Smith song onto it too — best singer/songwriter ever in my opinion.

Wheel Building - Condor Cycles from Condor Cycles on Vimeo.

Think this kind of thing would look good on your website? Give me a shout!


Jonathan Day said...

Great time lapse sequences Andy - you can find a no-brand replacement Remote Control on Ebay for £20.

Andy Waterman said...

yeah, that's what I had — and will have again when I get round to replacing it