Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I really want a touring bike

Heritage in Champagne, originally uploaded by CondorCycles.
I've been thinking about a touring bike for ages now. There's no way I can justify the expense or the space — I live in a one-bedroom flat and I'm meant to be saving for a mortgage — but the idea of touring by bike has really taken hold of me. Nick Craig reckons its the best training you can do as well, and he should know.
This is a Condor Heritage; it would do me quie nicely I reckon, with a modern saddle and double chainset to speed things up a little. Alternatively, I reckon a Decade Convert could work pretty well, and a Genesis Croix de Fer looks pretty cool too, esepecially for doubling up as a cyclocross training bike.


Alex Murray said...

What's wrong with something like a Ridley Crossbow? They take rack and guards and would make for a great touring bike as well as backup corss bike.

Friedel said...

You can always fix up an old bike for touring as well. We did that with these bikes from the 2nd hand shop. Cost? About $200 each, once they were fixed up. We've done about 5,000km on them now. Not bad for the price!