Friday, August 13, 2010

Chris and Laura's Wedding

Chris and Laura_0194, originally uploaded by Andy Waterman.
Last weekend I shot my second ever wedding, for my friend Chris and his (now) wife Laura. I'm actually beginning to think I really enjoy shooting weddings: it's mega stressful and you're rushing around all day with barely a chance to think, but it's really satisfying when the bride and groom see the photos and are happy with them.
This wedding was up in Edinburgh, with the reception held in a huge private school just outside the city. It was a beautiful spot and as the weather was playing ball, we had a great view of Edinburgh Castle — perfect for the formal portraits. This shot was lit with two flashes, both to camera left. The sun was coming in out from behind the clouds, so I doubled up the flashes so that I could achieve a decent aperture, allowing me to control the amount of ambient light by simply changing the shutter speed as and when the sun came in and out. If you click on the shot above and go through to my photostream, you'll see just how much the light changed as the formals progressed!

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