Sunday, June 20, 2010

Torrrey, Utah

Torrrey Bridge, originally uploaded by Andy Waterman.

Today I drove three hours west from Moab to a town called Torrey. I say town but it's barely a hamlet by UK standards - besides a handful of motels, restaurants and a road junction, it's a pretty sleepy little place.
The big draw for the area though is the Capitol Reef National Park, just east out of town. There doesn't seem to be that much biking in the area and I'm yet to find any specific bike trails, so this afternoon I just went out hiking, up to this rock bridge - the Hickman natural bridge as its known. I'm totally running out of superlatives to describe the sights I've seen in Utah, and there really isn't much to say about this arch, other than it's totally stunning.
I'm headng out for dinner now, with the prospect of snake on the menu. Might skip that one...

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