Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SSEC 2010

I spent last weekend in the Forest of Dean at the Single Speed European Championships. It was awesome. Seriously, the best mountain biking event I've been too in years. Great atmosphere, great weather, great riding — the only thing I wasn't totally sold on was riding in one gear. It HURTS! I went with 32x16 and after 40km and 1000m of climbing on race day, my legs were toast. I was loving the descents though: the Forest of Dean really does have some excellent singletrack, and my recently converted Genesis iOiD performed perfectly.
There's going to be an article about the event with photos by me in an upcoming issue of MBR. I really should write it now while I still this enthusuastic about it.
Next stop, Dalby World Cup (to watch, not ride, obviously).

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