Wednesday, February 24, 2010


IMG_7237, originally uploaded by Andy Waterman.

I'm in Turkey at the moment with Laura. Pretty special place although I can't quite get my head around the hard sell. Visited the Aya Sofia today, ate fish sandwiches and walked around the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar. Which is why I'm in bed blogging - my feet hurt!



Phil Jones said...

Are you going to trade Laura for a camel?

Gene 99 said...

Hi Andy -

I saw on London that you ride a Cannondale CX9 52cm. I am thinking about getting the same bike frame. I wonder if you could tell me how tall you are and what your inseam measurement is. I am 5'10" (US) w/a 32" inseam. I'm happy to get yours in cm. Thanks in advance. If you ever get to NYC area, look me up.

Thanks again, and happy trails.

Gene Colon

Andy Waterman said...

I'm pretty much the same - 1m77 is just under 5'10". I went for the 52 as both the US guys - Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers both ride 52's (according to cyclingnews) and they're both 5'10".
Also, if you look at the 54 in comparison, it doesn't really gain any more length. The seattube is slacker I think so the extra length in the top tube mostly goes in taking up the slack there. The wheelbase is only like 4-5mm more than the 52.
I like it though. I thought it would feel short with a 100mm stem but it doesn't and it's still compact enough to feel good on the technical sections.
So yes, I'd say go with a 52 - or at least try one (I ride a 54-55cm bike on the road btw)

Gene 99 said...

Thanks much Andy.

I'm going to try to hop on a 52 if I can find one. I ride a 54 road bike w/a top tube similar to the CX-9 top tube. I have a couple of Cannondale mtb's, and I hear great things about the CAAD 9 frame.

I don't know if you have made it to Nepal, but there is quite the mtb scene there. Though I am not a serious racer I did a race there in 2007. It was a great way to get emeshed in the local scene. If you're interested, I might be able to put you in touch w/the local honchos in Kathmandu. Also, like I said, if you ever come NYC way, drop me an e-mail ( We have some good cx in the fall - great scene - including some UCI sanctioned races.

Best of luck in your travels. I'll keep an eye out.

Gene Colon

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