Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rutland Vs Roubaix

While the world's best cyclocrossers were racing at the World Cup in Roubaix, the best of rest were racing at the Rutalnd Water National Trophy. And so was I.
I had visions of getting lapped after 25 minutes, but a long lap and heavy conditions conspired to keep me in the race till 53mins in. Not bad when the guy that lapped me was Rob Peeters who seven days previous was racing to fourth place in the Belgian National Championships. For some reason he hadn't been given a ride at Roubaix so he came to England for what was apparently the only UCI level race in northern Europe this weekend. Crazy. I didn't have a bad race by my standards and beat two of the people who beat me two weekends ago in Colchester, so I was quite happy. It was also, in my humble and inexperienced opinion, one of the best courses we've raced on this year. Certainly more palatble than Roubaix — how much running????