Monday, September 21, 2009

How not to glue a tub

Yesterday was the first round of the British National Trophy Cyclocross series, held in Budleigh Salterton in Devon; you can read a full report of what happened on the British Cycling website.
My race was pretty much over when I rolled a tub going into one of the steep banks, leaving me with a long run back to the pits. It was a shame as I had been riding in around 30th place which is actually pretty good for me.
So this week I need to go back to basics and re-gluing all my tubs. I think I went wrong by trying to keep things tidy and not using enough glue - with two thin layers on both rim and the tub I thought I'd be safe, but I wasn't. New tubs and new rims obviously need more.
Today's required reading: pro tub gluing technique, crossjunkie's tub gluing post, cyclocrossworld's features on tub gluing (part one and part two), plus of course re-reading the tub gluing section in Simon Burney's Cyclocross: Training and Techniques book. If that doesn't drum it home, I'm doomed.

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