Monday, May 18, 2009

Southern XC no.2 Crow Hill

The weather's been pretty unpleasant recently with strong winds, low temperatures and lots of squally showers. Fortunately it wasn't too bad during my race at Crow Hill, but the rain had mae a lot of the course treachorously slippery, with wet mud, woodwork and a LOT of exposed roots.
The course was very flat with few serious climbs and very few descents. What this means is that you end up pedalling the whole time, which is super tiring. With the mud and deep loam that Crow Hill is known for, lap times were down on what the organisers had hoped for and I was doing roughly 30mins per lap, which makes for long race by Expert category standards. By the end I was totally cooked, and with about 15mins to go, I blew up big time, losing fourth spot in the process and slipping down to fifth. I wasn't quite as bad as Julien Absalon in the video below, but I was pretty stuffed. The journey home wasn't the most comfortable either as I felt totally sick the whole way and had to stop to puke en route. Yuk.
Check out this vid of Absalon bonking big time at last year's Worlds. Epic.

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