Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Six months off

I'm on the far left
We had the London League Team Championships on Sunday at Wilmington School near Dartford. I wasn't feeling great having trained hard and stayed up late the day before, and I really lacked the top end power you need on the short, sharp, and slippery banks that the organisers sent us up. I ended up in sixth place, and we think the team came second, although we're still waiting for confirmation.
After the race the league prizes were awarded and Kevin and I, fifth and fourth in the league respectively, were called up, despite being off the podium proper.
So that's it, cyclocross done and dusted until September. Now for the task of building wheels and bikes in preparation. Oh and that little matter of a road racing season...
Taking a sneaky line between the trees. Pics from londoncyclesport.com

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