Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rollapaluza Halloween Cyclocross Video

I made a video of the Knog Rollapaluza Muddy Hell cross race on Saturday night. The best thing about it is the music, by Bush Tetras. The footage itself is a bit meh... I just need more practice, and starting at an almost pitch black bike race was not ideal. Next time I'll try something where there's a bit more light.
All the filming was done with my Canon 7d, shot at 720p 60fps, some of it played back at 24fps for true slow-mo. I edited it in Premiere Pro, which I'm in the very early stages of learning. I can kinda do the basics, but I need to work out how to do the more complex things like colour correction, and do it all much quicker.


Fixedwheelnut said...

Excellent work Andy, well done!

Colin said...

Nice one Andy - must have been very tricky trying to stay in focus in those light conditions (did you use an addon viewfinder?) - am going to try a movie with my 5D at a track session coming up- any tips gratefully received! (tw:casebycase)

Alex Murray said...

That's excellent Andy. as Colin says, tough to stay in focus in those conditions and also to get usable shots.

Interesting that you shot on what is nominally a stills camera. I imagine that loads of the americans who shot cross races are doing likewise. It certainly gives a difference, crisper style than shooting on an HDV camera. Also lot more portable.

Premiere is a cracking piece of software. I'm more of a Final Cut Pro fan. Final Cut Express does the same without at a more basic level, but to be honest most people would never need most of what Pro does.

Colour Correction is something I've avoided for years in edits. Mostly because it's one of those things that ends up taking ages to get right.

Truffaut used to claim you could save anything in the edit, but if the footage is right everyone's life is easier I reckon. And you seem to have got the footage pretty right.

Be interested to see what you can do when you have got some daylight to work with.