Tuesday, November 02, 2010

National Trophy Round 2, Chantry Park, Ipswich. BEST. RESULT. EVER.

At the time of writing it looks like I came 23rd on Sunday at the National Trophy in Ipswich, which is far and away my best result ever. Really, that result is entirely thanks to the better grid position I got after scoring points (well, a point, singular) at the first round in Wales. In Ipswich I started on the third row, eight per row, so I didn't have to fight so hard on lap one to move past slower riders. It's actually quite interesting to me — if you always end up in 31+ position, it's really difficult to do a breaktrough ride as you will always be starting from the back. The minute you score a point and get recognised by the system, you're away, and life all of a sudden becomes much easier. In cyclocross, success really does breed success.
I used Kevin's Dugast Rhino's at Chantry Park and bloody hell do they grip. No way could I lean the bike over like that on my other tyres. It's a real shame as they cost £150 per pair. At least I should be receiving £10 prize money from Sunday to put towards the outlay!
(both photos by Luke Webber for British Cycling)


CJ Boom said...

buy dugasts. end

Dave Haygarth said...

Well done Andy

Tyres = most important piece of kit innit.

Unknown said...

Brilliant ride Andy, Ipswich is a really great course. Dugasts or FMB's!