Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More bike lust

This Raleigh singlespeed cross bike, complete with belt drive and tubeless wheels is covered as part of CX magazine's Vegas coverage. I reckon I'd find a bike like this would be so useful, especially for local racing. I use 46x19 or 21 nearly the whole time when I race cross at Herne Hill, so a singlespeed would be great, and a belt drive — maintenance free, quiet, smooth — would be fantastic for training on. Unfortuantely this frame is US only and I can't see the market for singlespeed CX frames being too big in the UK. Heathens. If money was no object though, I definitely get something like this built up. Check out the details on the CX magazine website. 
That said, I'd prefer a steel singlespeed to a carbon one. When you're saving the weight of deraileurs and chainrings, you might as well go for steel as far as I'm concerned — last year's Raleigh special SSCXWC frame fits the bill perfectly, bar a split chainstay to allow for a belt drive.

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