Sunday, September 19, 2010

MBR shoot - ride with your kids

I was back at Cwmcarn yesterday with Al Tulett and cyclocross rival Matt Holmes shooting a feature about riding with your kids for MBR. Most of our readers are 30 and 40-something blokes, many of whom you'd expect have kids. So where are those kids? I hardly ever see any riding at trail centres or even on the Surrey Hills. Allister and his kids are always out riding and the boys, Dan and Ben love it. They're good riders too - Ben, 9, happily rode two laps of Cwmcarn yesterday and would have done more if any of the adults could have been bothered to join him.
If you ride with your kids, I'd be interested in hearing from you - it's something we'd really like to encourage and it would be good to hear about how you go about it.


MarkJ said...
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MarkJ said...

A few of us VC Londres dads ride with our kids. I take my son (13) and daughter (11) out for rides around north Kent regularly, doing anything between 30 and 60 miles.