Saturday, March 05, 2011

Back on the road

1299341962083I did a big ride today, 4hrs+ across London and out into Essex. It's the first proper ride I've done in three weeks so it was hard work, but no pain, no gain.
The rest of the Vicious Velo mob were racing at Hog Hill in the afternoon, so I finished my ride there to watch and got a lift home after the race (I needed it).
Both the Vicious boys sucked, but they got round.
It was a good opportunity for me to play a bit more with Vignette for Android. Still like it, but the shutter lag makes life very difficult when it comes to capturing anything that's moving.


ViCiOUS KEV said...

Yep, we sucked today. Put me back on the mud.

Muna's and Phil's Wedding said...

They are better than the ones with your SLR! I find Vignette really slow for processing the images, so I tend to capture with the stock camera and import into Vignette to play around later.