Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crystal Palace, photos without bikes in

I was meant to be doing a photo shoot for Cycling Active today, but the miserable weather meant it was cancelled, so instead I went and took some pictures in the drizzle up at Crystal Palace. Shooting for Condor in Italy the other week got me excited about taking photos of stuff that isn't directly cycling related, so I figured it would be a good exercise to take some photos of the architecture up at Palace.
Whenever I go to Crystal Palace park, it's with a real sense of sadness that the facilities have been allowed to fall into disrepair, even if they are still well used. There's a feeling of a being in a crumbling communist facility when you walk around, which, with the Olympics coming to London next summer, is criminal.
Why hasn't what is (at least, was) the National Sports Centre, which is in the Olympic city, been given a lick of paint to celebrate?
With Herne Hill having fallen into an even worse state, it really doesn't bode well for London's Olympic legacy. How long till we're organising fund raising events to help keep the Olympic velodrome in a state that is fit for use?
I give it till 2020...
Crystal Palace -3
Crystal Palace -1
Crystal Palace -6
Crystal Palace -2
Crystal Palace -8

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