Thursday, June 17, 2010


Slickrock, originally uploaded by Andy Waterman.

Slickrock Trail wasn't much fun, and it was my fault. I decided I wanted to ride in the evening to get some good evening light, paying little attention to how long the trail was or how long it might take me. So I set of at 7pm, and immediately started shooting photos becasue as predicted the landscape was amazing and the light was firing too. Problem with this tactic is that it eats into the dwindling light, which is cool if all you're doing is shooting photos, but when you have to get the ride done too? Well, it was stressful. After an hour of so of photos, and only about three miles covered, I realised I needed to get my arse (or "ass") in gear and promptly started pushing the pace and ignoring the (spectacular) views. The Slickrock Trail is hard work though, with very little flow due to the lack of a distinct trail to follow and proliferation of dead turns on the descents, and crazy-steep climbs. I think if I'd ridden Slickrock first thing today instead of Klondikes I'd have a better opinion of it, but right now, all I can remember is the panic of trying to get back before it got dark.
As I'm able to write this, I obviously made it, but only just. I got back to the car at 9 on the dot, by 9.10 it was too dark to ride, and by 9.20 it was dark. The light dies pretty quick this far south, even in June.
Anyway, bedtime now, tomorrow I'm riding the Amassa Back Trail - and I've got company! Gonna be so nice to have someone to ride with, going solo on rides you don't know is just miserable and scary. Not that I'm a wimp or anything.

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